P8x – Derived from the Chinese Translation – Prosperity 8 Times.

START UP VENTURE. P8x is a Ground Floor Crypto Currency opportunity just started. P8x will be merged into the Europe & China Crypto Trading Markets in the Next Estimated 6 months.

Currently you can Acquire Each P8x coin for 0.33 cad/usd. You also have the Opportunity to Privately Buy/Sell within the network market price based on Supply and Demand.

P8x is the Joint Venture Collaboration Project of Enterpreneurs and Innovators from America, Europe, and China.

For North America; Marketing & Management Services Contract is Assigned to BlueGoldMark Management, Canada

Jerry Cabral is Appointed as Executive Director North America Steering Committee. He is responsible to the Marketing and collaboration with P8x clients / Team Members local and remotely.

Main Advantages of P8x System

  • Decentralized System
  • Block chain technology with priv/pub
  • Member to Member Trading
  • Local Exchange Integration
  • MINING (Device, Server, Cloud)
  • MICRO FINANCE MODEL – Local & Remote
  • P8x Liquidity
    o Current Local Exchange of P8x coins Based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Conversion fee is 0.25% to 0.5% of P8x coins.

    o Sell/Buy Fee is 10% P8x coins.
    o Link the Digital Currency Wallet to your Bank Account, to get Local Cash.

Market Place of SUPPLY & DEMAND.

  • Produce 120,000,000 P8x Coins, in TOTAL, over 5 Years.
  • You can Place Order on the P8X Network to BUY/Sell at the Current Market Price set by the System.
  • Opportunity to Buy Low and Sell High to the Internal Private Members Group or Team.

Currently, various modules of the system are under development. Some of the Modules are in prototype phase and PRE-Beta Test mode.

What is the Future Potential of P8x?

  • Improve Trade Between Europe, India, and China.
  • Opportunity to Trade Various Types of Contracts
  • Micro-Finance Model with Zero Interest
  • Member to Member Lending of P8x Coins.
  • Settlement of Loans and Debts or export / import trades.

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